At 4Translation, the deep subject matter expertise of our teams allows us to provide a high-quality translation and localization service – tailored to our clients’ unique requirements – for a wide variety of industries.

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We offer translation solutions that fit your business needs and help you communicate successfully in any market.

At 4Translation, we provide on-demand translation and localization services across many global industries. Our experienced subject matter experts hold their work to the highest standards, and ensure that our translations meet all the specific industry requirements in all languages.

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Though many companies are finding international success providing software products for the international market, software localization can be an immensely costly and time-consuming process. To adapt a software product to satisfy the linguistic, cultural and technical requirements of an international market requires the highest levels of translation expertise. Our experienced translators are more than up to the task, and we routinely complete demanding software localization projects on time and on budget.

At 4Translation, we have an advanced project management system that allows us to provide a highly responsive service that is completely tailored to the unique localization requirements of your software. For best results, we strongly advise that you involve us as early in the development process as you can, ideally in the preparation and planning stage of your project. If we are involved right from the start, we can devise an advanced software localization strategy that will ensure that the entire process is as streamlined, cost-effective and efficient as possible.

Life Sciences and Healthcare

The life science industry demands the highest quality translations due to its regulatory requirements. Furthermore, a clear and accurate translation is often absolutely vital for the health and safety of its target audience. Whether our customers need help with translating medical device documentation, clinical trials, patient instructions, or scientific articles, our team of subject matter experts allows us to shorten turnaround times and provide lower cost solutions without compromising quality.

As your partner, we can also develop and strengthen the relationship with your contract research organizations (CRO), becoming an integral part of multilingual information sharing requirements. Our integrated workflows leave you in charge, but without the burden to manage every single project closely.

Education and E-Learning

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” – Benjamin Franklin

At 4Translation, continuous improvement of our education, skills, and processes are a core value. Our reverence for learning is reflected in our diligent approach to working with education and training materials. We have extensive experience in providing a high-quality e-learning translation service that enables employees, students and customers to gain the knowledge they need, in the language they understand. Whatever the language requirement, our goal is to integrate learning content quickly and efficiently, while keeping pace with e-learning trends.

E-learning translation can be a costly and time-consuming process, as, on top of the initial software translation, it is also necessary to implement intelligent localization processes. Choose 4Translation for your e-learning translation project, and we can deliver a turn-key solution with full integration of the translated content. In addition, with our advanced project management system, we can advise you on how best to write your e-learning modules to make future multilingual releases as easy as possible.

Manufacturing and Automation

The manufacturing industry requires considerable flexibility to keep up with the demands of an ever-changing global market. Automation is essential for keeping up with those demands. Equally important is the clear and reliable communication of information between all those involved in the process. At 4Translation, our subject matter experts are experienced in providing translations for every stage of the manufacturing process – from product design, to material specification, to the assembly, maintenance, and safe use of the machinery involved.

With our experienced technical staff and our advanced translation tools, we are able to provide quick turnarounds at a relatively low cost, while ensuring top quality. In addition, we offer multilingual full desktop publishing capabilities, including graphic design and layout support for your translated copy. Our experts can work within technical drawings, drafts and diagrams.

Consumer Products

The consumer products industry is driven by strictly defined industry standards and tight production deadlines. At 4Translation, we routinely undertake extensive and demanding projects, with no compromises ever made on quality. Our expertise ensures that even the most complex of translation projects can be completed on time and on budget.

Using our advanced project management system, we can easily integrate with your production process. Particularly when it comes to marketing materials, localization also plays a huge role in our process, as we go to great lengths to ensure that the translations are written in a language that will genuinely connect with your international customers. In addition, we offer a full desktop publishing capabilities, including graphic design and layout support for your translated copy.

Our consumer products translations often include but are not limited to:

  • User manuals
  • Maintenance manuals
  • Marketing information
  • Promotional sales material
  • Point-of-purchase displays
  • Sell sheets
  • Packaging labels


With finite resources and a global push to reduce emissions, the energy industry is under more pressure than ever before to embrace renewable sources and manage conservation rates, all the while delivering a reliable public service and meeting market demand.

Whether they are generating, transmitting or distributing electricity, and whether they are working with natural gas, nuclear power, or renewable sources, there is a constant need for energy companies to communicate with influential audiences in both the public and the private sectors. In our connected world, this often requires companies to make use of a professional and reliable translation service.

At 4Translation, we have a strong and demonstrable track record assisting energy companies with their most vital communications. We offer a comprehensive service offering that regularly sees us undertaking translations of:

  • Engineering reports
  • Feasibility studies
  • Procurement documentation
  • Process information
  • Technical specifications
  • Health and safety documents
  • Contracts
  • User Instructions


When moving into new locales, it is a given that businesses will need to translate all their marketing and promotional materials. However, it is never sufficient to simply translate the words directly from one language to another. To affect a translation without taking into consideration the culture, the customs and the colloquialisms of your target audience can prove disastrous. At best, you will fail to engage with potential overseas customers. At worst, though, you may unwittingly cause offense, which could seriously damage your brand’s international reputation and prevent you from making any further progress into those lucrative overseas markets.

At a fundamental level, cross cultural marketing involves taking into consideration the fact that words and phrases can take on different meanings in different cultures. Beyond this, care must be taken when it comes to graphics, design layouts, and even the formatting of such things as dates, prices, and telephone numbers. Our translation teams leverage their local expertise and conduct extensive research to ensure that all these key criteria are met.

Human Resources

Effective communication within an organization is imperative for its success. For global companies, this can be a challenge – especially when time is of the essence. At 4Translation, we routinely provide translations for time-sensitive, intra-company communications with speedy turnaround times and relatively low costs.

Our suite of translation tools makes it easy to maintain consistency and ensure that all terminology guidelines are closely followed. Furthermore, our linguistic and project management teams always take the time to do the company and industry-specific research required to better understand our clients’ needs. Our goal is to be more than just your trusted translation service provider – 4Translation aims to be a partner committed to helping your company succeed.

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